Steven Litt

Steven Litt is a marketing strategist, business manager, teacher, seminar leader and public speaker, with a B.Sc. and M.B.A. from Queens University.

Living in Toronto; a past resident of Hamilton, Ottawa, Wisconsin, and Mississauga.

Also a dad, an okay card player (not necessarily when money is at stake), a fair martial artist (though not fluid enough by half), a poor ice hockey player (possessing a hard shot that’s too inaccurate to be effective).

Though free of a criminal record, his golf shots can defy the laws of physics, occasionally turning midair by MORE THAN 90 degrees (there are slices, then there are SLICES).

Passions: art, museums, architecture, go-karts, ziplines, table tennis, cycling, foreign films. A few fine lagers, cabernets, single malts. 

Steven avidly follows consumer trends & all anything to do with strategy (business, battle or sports strategy, etc).

Connect according to your type of inquiry, or cyber-stalk the blog [] or follow him on twitter [ @strategysteven ]

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